Does LabCorp test for CBD?

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Does LabCorp test for CBD? Recently, LabCorp came up with a CBD and THC ratio test which does measure CBD and THC in urine, If this is something that’s concerning, talk to your HR department and see what their laws and rules are for CBD in the blood. If you need to do that anonymously, use a blocked phone line. United Patients Groups does get this question quite a bit. United Patients Group works with alot of Doctors, Teachers, Law Enforcement, and individuals that work for the federal government that cannot have any schedule 1 narcotic in their systems. So, unfortunately, they are having to stay away and not try any cannabinoid that is produced from the cannabis plant until this law is changed from a schedule 1 drug. Do your part, ask your department of health – they do have medical cannabis division there. If it’s not legal in our state, go to your local senators and congress and ask them what it takes to pass these laws. It is needed, it’s a plant – it shouldn’t even be scheduled as a schedule 1 drug.