UFC will study effects of CBD on athletes

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced a multi-year partnership with Canadian cannabis company Aurora to test CBD products on the performance of UFC athlete participants, in pursuit of advancing science to better support the health and wellness of competitors in one of the most physically testing sports on the planet. The multi-million-dollar deal the […]

Retired NFL star Chris Long opens up about his cannabis use

Former National Football League (NFL) star Chris Long is speaking out about his cannabis use. The recently retired Philadelphia Eagles player, 11-year NFL veteran and two-time Super Bowl champion made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show this week to discuss his consumption of the drug, which he says he uses for pain management and […]

Kansas Governor signs CBD/THC Bill into law

Early this week Kansas Governor Laura Kelly signed Senate Bill 28 into law, which provides an affirmative defense against prosecution for possession of certain cannabidiol products containing tetrahydrocannabinol in specific circumstances. Senate Bill 28 is also known as “Claire and Lola’s Law” after the daughters of Gwen and Scott Hartley. Both girls were born with […]

Ministry of Health in Israel makes medical cannabis more accessible

Israel already has a robust and widespread medical cannabis program for its citizens, although bureaucracy and red tape have been overly oppressive. But that’s hopefully about to change. Patients in Israel who have cancer, IBS and other bowel issues, and Parkinson’s are entitled to apply for a medical cannabis permit directly from the Ministry of […]

Worrisome diagnosis: lack of prescribing physicians causing Australian medical cannabis program to fail

Although the use of medical cannabis is legal in Canberra, touted as Australia’s culture capital, patients are reporting they are being forced to purchase their medication on the street as it’s nearly impossible to find physicians in the city willing to prescribe the drug. ABC News Australia reports that Canberra grandmother and chronic pain sufferer […]

Texas (yes, Texas!) will have a medical marijuana program — Sort of

In a stunning turn of events, the Texas Senate unanimously approved the expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program to include more qualifying conditions and make the process easier for patients. The bill had previously passed in the House and now awaits final legislative approval before heading to Gov. Greg Abbot’s desk for his signature. […]

Federal law complicates medical marijuana for veterans

Nearly 70 percent of Missouri voters approved medical marijuana in November. The Show-Me State became one of 33 that has legalized medical marijuana, but the plant is still illegal in every form on the federal level. That puts states with marijuana allowances at odds with the U.S. government and it complicates the medical treatment for […]

IDT Australia secures medical cannabis manufacturing licence

IDT Australia Limited’s (ASX:IDT) securing of a medicinal cannabis manufacturing licence is also good news for another Australian cannabusiness. IDT announced on Monday Australia’s Office of Drug Control granted it the licence under the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967.  The licence will allow the company to manufacture of extracts and tinctures of cannabis and cannabis resin, […]

Israeli medical cannabis exports could reach $60 billion by 2027

Back in January, we reported that Israel made the groundbreaking decision to approve the export of medical Cannabis. Now, analysts are predicting that the industry could see unprecedented revenue within a decade. Ayelet Shaked, Justice Minister of Israel, made a statement back in January about the Israeli government’s decision to legalize the export of cannabis: […]