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In recent years medical marijuana has been legalized for use by people who qualify. Originally, only low THC, and CBD oil products could be sold in Florida dispensaries. However, this quickly changed with revised MMJ laws in 2017. The new regulations made regular medical-grade marijuana legal, along with smokable flower, which is the most utilized source of cannabis last year.

The entire industry grew by leaps and bounds in 2019 and is poised to become even bigger, with more patients, doctors, and dispensaries becoming approved.

Still, there are some factors that patients want to change, so that using marijuana as medicine becomes more affordable, and more available to everyone.

How Can Patients Get Approved?

Florida allows patients to become approved for a medical marijuana card if they qualify under the list of debilitating conditions. These qualifications include:

  • Chronic Anxiety
  • Pain from a condition that qualifies
  • PTSD
  • Chron’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer

Or any other condition of like kind that a medical marijuana doctors feels the health benefits of using cannabis, outweighs the negative health effects.

The first step is to see a state-certified marijuana doctor who is approved to recommend cannabis. Patients will receive a recommendation of use, based upon their specific healthcare requirements.

The physician will apply to the state’s Office of Medical marijuana Use for each patient. The application will include your health issues, qualifying conditions, and the doctor’s marijuana recommendation.

It typically takes 2 weeks to become approved by the state, and a couple more weeks until your new MMJ card arrives.

Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in 2020

To date, there are 22 licensed dispensaries, or MMTC’s in Florida who are allowed 25 satellite locations each throughout the state. There is one exception to this which is Trulieve dispensary, who is allowed 45 dispensary locations due to their massive patient demand for products. There has been a lot of changes to how medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida can sell cannabis to patients.

2020 brought some huge changes with dispensary products and prices. In fact, marijuana flower quality has skyrocketed recently, with strains to rival the best in the world.

Some of the most popular include:

  • Afganhi Kush Hybrid Strain
  • Back Diamond Hybrid Strain
  • Rainmaker Hybrid Strain
  • 99 Problems Hybrid Strain
  • Member Berry Hybrid Strain
  • 9LB Hammer Indica Strain
  • Mango Hybrid Strain
  • Bitter Sweetz Hybrid Strain
  • Gorilla Grapes Strain
  • Lemon OG Strain
  • White Buffalo Strain

Moreover, THC and CBD Distillates, concentrates, RSO, and vape cartridges have become more reliable, and way more effective, then when they first came to market in 2017.

Some of the most popular dispensaries in Florida are, Trulieve, Curraleaf, Surterra, MUV, Liberty Health Sciences, RISE, GrowHealthy, and Med-Men dispensary.

In addition to higher quality products in 2020, dispensaries offer delivery services for those patients who can’t make it into their locations. Plus, dispensary discounts and loyalty programs, have helped to reduce the prices across the boards.


There has been a lot of confusion in the past surrounding CBD oil laws & regulations in Florida. However, in 2019, these were cleared up once and for all, because of new legislation, which regulates the sale, and consumption of CBD oil products.

Patients who qualify for a medical marijuana card under state law, can obtain a recommendation for CBD oil from their MMJ doctor. Florida dispensaries have access to what your physician’s recommendations are and can dispense the CBD oil products that meet the recommendation.

A lot of progress has been made for those who don’t qualify for an MMJ card, or simply can’t afford it, can still get CBD oil. There are state requirements which must be met to sell these types of products, which are in place to protect consumers, while allowing free access to CBD oil.


Many different bills were introduced to the Senate to modify the medical marijuana industry in 2019, and more in 2020. None have passed yet. There is talk about putting a 10% cap on THC for all dispensary products. In contrast, Florida patients want less expensive medicine and easier access moving forward. The only thing that would conclusively fix all these issues would be Federal legalization. Although many states would benefit from bold legislation like that, there isn’t anything concrete yet.

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