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One in seven Americans say they use CBD products, according to a recent Gallup poll.

This poll also found that pain relief is the most common reason these American’s use CBD, followed by anxiety and sleep issues.

It’s hard to go anywhere these days without hearing about the health benefits of CBD. Have you been considering trying it, but aren’t sure where to start?

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about CBD, whether you can buy CBD over the counter, and where you can get some.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. While there are hundreds of compounds that make up cannabis, CBD and THC are by far the most famous of the phytocannabinoids. While THC is largely responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana, CBD is considered non-psychoactive.

Even though CBD doesn’t get you high as THC does, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an effect on your body. CBD has become increasingly popular to help people with a long list of ailments and conditions.

What are the benefits of using CBD?

CBD has become popular because it has so many varied potential benefits.

A lot of people use CBD for its ability to relieve pain as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. Topical forms of CBD are popular post-workout to help relieve muscle soreness.

CBD is also used to help reduce anxiety and stress. Even though CBD doesn’t get you high like THC does, it has a strong calming effect on both the mind and the body. It’s possible that CBD could help people who suffer from depression as well.

There is some evidence to show that CBD might be helpful in the treatment of acne, as well as an aid in smoking cessation and drug withdrawals.

While CBD and marijuana research is still a young field, there are a number of other promising potential health benefits of CBD. Some studies show that CBD could be helpful in cases of Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, cancer, schizophrenia, and diabetes.

So far there is only one FDA approved drug that is derived from cannabis. This drug is a form of CBD oil and is prescribed to treat two specific forms of rare epileptic diseases.

It’s important to know that CBD does have some known interactions with other medications, so you should talk to your doctor before taking CBD in any form.

What forms does CBD come in?

CBD comes in nearly every form you can imagine.

You can purchase CBD oil and use it sublingually or you can buy the flower and smoke it or turn it into edibles.

When purchasing the oil, you have the choice of getting full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes other than CBD, which CBD isolate is CBD that’s been isolated from the other compounds in cannabis.

You can also buy pre-made edibles, gummies, salves, creams, lotions, shampoos pills, and vaping liquid. They even make CBD products for your pet.

Another way to take CBD is by wearing CBD patches. This is a straightforward and convenient way of taking CBD and is one of the only ways you can transport CBD directly to the bloodstream. If you’re interested in CBD patches, here’s some more information on what they are and how they work.

Where can you get CBD? Can you buy CBD over the counter?

Maybe you’re wondering if you can get CBD over the counter, or if it requires a prescription.

Lucky for you (and for me!) buying CBD over the counter is possible almost everywhere in the country.

Let me explain. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth of industrial hemp at the federal level, from which CBD oil is derived. However, the bill also allows states to oversee their own hemp production, meaning they have the right under the law to restrict its production as well. Out of all the 50 states, three still have not settled the matter of whether or not CBD oil is legal: Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

So other than in those three states, over the counter CBD can be purchased on countless websites, in brick and mortar stores like drug stores and smoke shops, as well as at dispensaries, if your state has any.

The best way to buy CBD over the counter is really a matter of personal preference. Buying CBD online is convenient, quick, discrete, and you’ll have as many options as you could dream of. If you buy CBD from a store or dispensary, you’ll get the chance to see the product before you purchase it as well as the opportunity to talk to the store associates.

It’s important to do research and look for a reputable CBD brand when purchasing CBD for the first time. Because the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDA, there is no guarantee that what’s listed on the label is actually on the bottle. To deal with this problem, a lot of reputable CBD brands will have their products tested by a third-party to verify that they have the CBD content that they claim they do.

CBD oil: A rising trend in America for good reason!

It’s truly amazing how many different health conditions people are using CBD oil for. It’s no wonder it’s become increasingly popular in the US in such a short period of time. Maybe it’s time you took the plunge and tried CBD out for yourself!

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