Lun. Ene 18th, 2021

In a statement made late last week, President Trump declared that he reserves the right to disregard a provision that was approved by Congress with the intention of protecting state medical cannabis regulations from federal obstruction.

The statement was attached to a funding bill, and reads as follows:

“Division B, section 531 of the Act provides that the Department of Justice may not use any funds made available under this Act to prevent implementation of medical marijuana laws by various States and territories. My Administration will treat this provision consistent with the President’s constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.”

The ambiguous wording doesn’t specifically state his intention to disregard the congressional will to prevent the federal prosecution of medical cannabis producers and consumers. But the statement appears to be designed to mark provisions that could inhibit his executive authorities.

Trump’s words suggest that he and his administration can enforce federal law, which prohibits cannabis and classifies the drug as a Schedule I narcotic, against patients, producers, and other professionals even if they are in perfect compliance with state medical cannabis law, and despite the fact that Congress is vehemently against the move.

With more states legalizing cannabis in the U.S, Trump’s statement appears to be in contrast with what the Americans want. In fact, a recent Gallup poll revealed that 66 per cent of Americans are in favour of cannabis legalization — the highest level of support in history (no pun intended).

With the 2020 United States presidential election fast approaching, Trump might want to take the will of the people into account before making any more cannabis-related decisions.

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