Mar. Jun 15th, 2021

Thanks to improved technology, more cannabis grower are choosing LED grow lights over traditional lighting to enjoy lower costs and higher efficiency.

For instance, NextLight LED replaces any traditional 1000w DE HPS, one to one with their flagship 650w NextLight Mega. Less energy consumed without sacrificing yield or quality. This is a 35% energy savings on lighting alone, NOT including HVAC savings (due to lack of radiant heat emitted by NextLight fixtures) or savings on never changing bulbs and reflectors.

The NextLight Mega is one of the most versatile fixtures on the market. Contrary to most modern LED grow lights, it excels in both shared lighting and vertically racked situations.

This means you can retrofit your 1000w DE HPS with NextLight Mega at a similar hanging height, allowing for minimal change to your existing grow space. By switching, you can expect similar production and increased overall quality. The quality increase is due to the full spectrum, bright white light emitted by NextLight products. This is a broader spectrum that closer matches the sun than traditional HPS. 

The proven success of NextLight products coupled with their excellent customer service and knowledgeable team have propelled them to one of the fastest growing LED brands on the market.

To see the proof, visit NextLight’s Online Grower Portfolio and view facilities they have helped outfit, along with sample light plots and more. NextLight provides FREE Commercial Light Plots for its Commercial Clients, detailing their recommendations for any room size or style.

For more information about NextLight, ask your local hydroponic retail store or contact them directly: 


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