Sáb. Oct 31st, 2020

Medical Marijuana, Inc. brand Dixie Botanicals® continues to evolve product line to meet consumer demands by adding new CBD Gummies flavor. 

Medical Marijuana, Inc. introduces the newest product from Dixie Botanicals®, CBD Gummies in a new mango flavor, expanding on the already popular watermelon flavor. These fruity CBD gummies from Dixie Botanicals® offer a tasty, easy to chew CBD experience to make getting your daily CBD as simple as possible. 

Featuring our new tropical mango or original watermelon flavor, Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies are designed to be chewed and swallowed on their own like you would gummy multivitamins. It is suggested you use one CBD gummy per day, but you can use them more or less often, depending on your own personal health and wellness needs.

Our CBD Gummies are expertly crafted with hemp-derived isolated CBD to provide the natural wellness benefits of CBD while containing no measurable amounts of THC. Each individual CBD gummy is infused with 10 mg of CBD.

Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies are available in two packaging sizes: a 10 count pouch and a 30 count jar. Whether you are new to CBD or already committed to a CBD routine, CBD Gummies go where you do to ensure your CBD is there when you need it, while providing a delicious fruity taste. 

The Dixie Botanicals® brand was developed to give athletes and weekend warriors the edge they need through its line of CBD products, including tinctures, vapes, salve, energy chews, sunscreen, and more. 

Benefits of CBD Gummies

Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies provide the natural balancing benefits of CBD by infusing this exciting hemp-derived compound into every bite-sized CBD gummy.

CBD is an all-natural cannabinoid derived from hemp that naturally promotes health and wellness by supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. Your ECS plays a role in maintaining balance in the body. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system’s cannabinoid receptors that are found all throughout the body, CBD supports this regulatory system’s efforts in keeping your body and its functions in homeostasis.

While there are many different types of CBD products available, CBD gummies stand out as one of the most flavorful ways for using CBD. Featuring delicious mango and watermelon flavors, Dixie Botanicals® CBD gummies are a healthy and satisfyingly flavorful way to give yourself a balancing boost.

Like all CBD oil products from Medical Marijuana, Inc., Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies undergo our rigorous Triple Lab Testing® process to ensure their safety and reliability. Three separate times throughout manufacturing, our CBD oil is tested for cannabinoid content and to make sure that it’s free of any contaminants. This strictest lab testing standard in the industry ensures that your CBD gummies will be safe and consistent.

CBD Gummies with No THC

Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies are crafted with over 99% pure CBD isolate, an all-natural crystalline CBD powder. Refined from our award winning hemp CBD oil, CBD isolate undergoes a proprietary filtration process that removes all plant material besides CBD.

Because Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies are made with our CBD isolate, this product contains no detectable levels of CBD, making these CBD gummies a great choice for anyone interested in avoiding even trace levels of THC in their CBD supplement.

Get Started with CBD Gummies

Shop the our online shop now to find new Mango Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gummies, as well as other top quality CBD products from Medical Marijuana, Inc.

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