Vie. Ago 19th, 2022

Ohio lawmakers advanced a bill earlier this week that would legalize CBD products and hemp production in the state. The bill will now head to Governor Mike DeWine and if he approved the measure it will immediately be made law.

“This is the best news that’s going to hit farm country this year,” said Rep. Bill Seitz from Green Township.

The bill was passed by the Senate in March and approved earlier this week in an 88-3 vote, showing the state’s growing approval for the cannabis industry within Ohio.

Larry Householder, House Speaker, told sources that since farmers in Ohio has such a rough year, this news is a promising  

“Farmers are getting hit pretty hard right now with tariffs and weather, I think that it can help them plan a little bit,” said Householder. “Now they know that there’s a path for us to have hemp in the state of Ohio.”

A few highlights from the bill according to Hemp Business Daily include:

  • CBD food, dietary supplements and “any other product containing one or more cannabinoids derived from hemp” are allowed.
  • The Ohio Department of Agriculture will set licensing fees for hemp producers and processors
  • Licenses are not required to sell CBD or hemp products
  • Hemp is defined as cannabis sativa with 0.33333% THC.
  • An 18-person “hemp marketing program” will be created
  • Drug felons are banned from growing or processing hemp for 10 years

State representative Kyle Koehler says the news is very exciting as Ohio is one of the last few states that hadn’t previously allowed hemp cultivation.  

“It is imperative that Ohio moves quickly so that our farmers can take advantage of a domestic hemp marketplace and catch up with our neighboring states,” said Koehler.

He added that the new Ohio bill brings the state into alignment with the federal farm bill passed last year.

“We feel that the bill does what the federal government needs while creating as few regulations as possible.”


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