Lun. Ago 15th, 2022

Drug Science, an independent scientific-led drugs charity, and Cannuba Ltd, a cannabis research and processing organization, have joined up to launch the Drug Science Cannabis Working Group. The collaboration was announced at the annual House of Lords Parliament reception on May 22 and is dedicated to improving medical access to patients in the U.K.

The group will work with scientists, industry leaders, government, and medical professionals in order to provide fact-based, bias-free information and resources pertaining to medical cannabis access. Among their list of goals, the partnership aims to review current regulations, explore barriers to access, compile benefits and solutions to a regulated system.

“With the right due diligence in place, our aim is to help people all over the UK gain access to life-changing medical products. This is a unique and privileged opportunity and puts Cannuba at the very forefront of meaningful scientific research” Rob James, CEO of Cannuba Ltd.

Drug Science was founded in 2010 to provide evidence-based facts on drug use free of political influence. Their cannabis collaboration with Cannuba Ltd. is motivated by their mission to ensure that ‘drug users’ are understood and empowered to use cannabis to ‘heal not harm‘.

Through a series of focus groups, consultations, online surveys and working with doctors the Drug Science Cannabis Working Group intends to provide an educational online platform for medical professionals. Increasing access to clinical studies and cost-benefit analysis has the potential to ease barriers to access for medical patients in the U.K.

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