Jue. Ago 11th, 2022

Seniors who use cannabis are having a better time. At least, that’s what science says.

Survey data published in Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine from researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine reveals seniors who reported having consumed cannabis within the past 12 months believed that it improved their quality of life.

A total of 274 seniors between the ages of 60 and 94 (median age 72.5 years) were surveyed about their cannabis consumption habits, if any.

In all, 54 percent of respondents reported consuming cannabis “both medically and recreationally,” citing reasons such as “arthritis, chronic back pain, anxiety and depression” for using the drug, with 72 percent of respondents overall affirming they had consumed cannabis within the past year.

Seniors who did partake over the past year reported “improved overall health, quality of life, day-to-day functioning and improvement in pain.” The odds of having consumed cannabis in the past year decreased as age increased.

“Older persons aged more than 60 who have legal access to recreational and medical marijuana described multiple patterns of use of marijuana in the past year, and the majority felt that marijuana use had an overall positive impact on their quality of life,” wrote the study’s authors.

Consumer habits reflect the survey’s findings; one of the fastest-growing  groups of cannabis consumers is adults over 50.

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