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One of the biggest developments of the marijuana industry has been its legalization in select states across the United States. The latest state to legalize medical marijuana was the state of Ohio, which passed the legislation in January of this year. As soon as the legalization kicked in, the sales of medical marijuana in the state have shot up and the figures show that there is a thriving demand for the product. In the first four months this year, the sales of medical marijuana were in the millions and perhaps it is an indication to the sort of sales figures that will be generated by Ohio in the years to come.

Impressive Sales

Ever since medical marijuana was legalized in the state of Ohio, the sales figures have shown that it was the right move. From January through April, the total sales of medical marijuana in the state touched a staggering $5.8 million and the total figures make for a pleasant reading to anyone in the marijuana growing business.

The deeper figures were revealed by the State Board of Ohio. According to the data released by the board, the total number of patients who are registered to use medical marijuana stood at a staggering 31,075. In addition to that, as many as 500 doctors in the state have also expressed their interest in recommending medical marijuana to their patients if they feel the need to.


Among the patients who had registered for the use of medical marijuana, there were 171 patients who are terminally ill and 2386 patients who used to be members of the US armed forces. In addition to that, the board has also given permission to more than 2100 caregivers to acquire medical marijuana for their patients.

The number of functioning dispensaries in the state is currently 15, but that figure could jump significantly since the provisional number of dispensaries stands at 56. Last but not least, it is also necessary to point out that the number of registered patients could rise significantly.

This could happen if the recommendations of the medical board committee are implemented. The committee recommended that patients with autism spectrum disorder and anxiety should be permitted to use medical marijuana.

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