Jue. Ago 11th, 2022

As the NFL considers new guidelines for marijuana use, cannabis entrepreneur and former Miami Dolphins star running back Ricky Williams told Cheddar he’s supportive of athletes having access to alternative medications like cannabis.

«I feel especially for football, hockey, soccer ー these really physical games ー I think players should be given any reasonable means to take care of their body, and, in my opinion, conscious use of cannabis is much safer in the long run than the pharmaceuticals that we’re currently given,» Williams said, adding that there needs to be education and oversight for athletes because cannabis is «easy to abuse.»

The NFL is preparing to make major concessions on its policy about athlete marijuana use as the U.S. warms to legal cannabis, according to NBC’s Mike Florio. Changes could be reflected in the next collective bargaining agreement with the players and their union. The current agreement expires in 2021.

But Williams, a Heisman Trophy winner who reportedly quit football in his prime in part because of his fondness for marijuana, isn’t advocating for a free-for-all.

«I’m definitely pro-cannabis, but I don’t want to be one of those people who claim it’s a panacea and there are no side effects, because there’s obviously side effects,» he said. » I think [it should be] allowed with some oversight, and that protects the NFL and it protects the players.»

Williams said his own interest in cannabis stemmed from his desire to heal himself with herbs and alternative healing.

«I had asthma, I had a lot of embarrassing health issues growing up, and going to the doctor, they couldn’t do anything for me. I started studying herbalism and I found [that] they’ve had ways to take care of these minor things for thousands of years that we just don’t have access to,» Williams said.

That’s the concept behind Real Wellness, a cannabis and CBD wellness company Williams runs with his wife and CEO Linnea Miron. Real Wellness offers an array of products that blend traditional herbal formulas with cannabis and CBD. Williams’ «soothe salve,» for example, helps with skin inflammation.

«Our whole thing is we are trying to exploit the CBD craze,» Williams said. «We are combining CBD with herbal formulas to remind people, ‘Hey, there’s other ways to take care of yourself than going to the doctor and taking pharmaceuticals.»

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