Dom. Ago 14th, 2022

A bill protecting valid medical marijuana cardholders from other states when in Tennessee goes before the Criminal Justice Subcommittee on Wednesday.

SB260/HB234 would insure medical marijuana patients who are valid cardholders in other states would not be charged if they are found in possession of one-half ounce (14.175 grams) or less. Cardholders would also be okay to distribute under an ounce to another cardholder.

Our sister station FOX 17 in Nashville spoke with Representative Gloria Johnson, who is a co-sponsor. She says she signed on to the bills drafted by Senator Kyle in part due to personal experience. Johnson says her father -who has passed- had MS. «I still believe he would have benefited from medical marijuana in treating the tremendous pain he was in,» Johnson says. «And if we have something who can benefit folks visiting family in Tennessee, they shouldn’t be punished for taking their medication.»

Johnson says as far as decriminalizing less than an ounce of possession, it’s part of criminal justice reform and treating possession properly.

A similar bill, SB256/HB235, seeks to decriminalize marijuana possession of less than one ounce regardless of being a medical marijuana cardholder or not. Both bills are up for debate in committee.

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