Lun. Ago 15th, 2022

“The state will vote on that resolution Thursday. Now if it passes dispensaries like this one in Ypsilanti tell me they’re worried they’re going to end up paying a lot more for product they once bought directly from caregivers.”

Owner of Sticky Ypsi Jake Abraham says all of his product now, is from caregivers — personal growers allowed 72 plants for up to 6 patients. Abraham buys their excess product.

If the state’s medical marijuana licensing board approves a resolution from LARA- the state’s regulatory arm, the excess product would first need to go to a licensed grower and processor to be state tested.

“I’ll have to overpay for my product and it will be about half the quality of what I’m getting now.”

According to the LARA, new testing requirements aim to keep patients safe.

This caregiver, who asked we not show his face, says if the new rule goes into effect… people like him will be pushed into the black market.

“It’s gonna up the value the product and make it cost way more money than it should because there’s gonna be three hands dipping in the pot.”

If the caregiver market, which right now is 44,000 strong, goes underground, some patients are worried about supply.

“The issue that we’ve kind of been running into in this state lately is just places closing down,” says medical marijuana patient Carmen Tubbs.

“They need to extend the deadline for legs dispensaries to buy from caregivers for at least another year and then revisit the situation to see where the state’s at.”

If the resolution is agreed to, the proposed changed would take effect April 1.

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