Mié. Ago 10th, 2022

Helix TCS, Inc., through its cannabis seed-to-sale tracking and point-of-sale subsidiary, BioTrackTHC, has officially deployed North Dakota’s government medical cannabis traceability system.

The system “will track and trace the state’s entire medical cannabis supply chain for compliance and regulatory oversight,” notes a statement from Helix TCS, a provider of ancillary services for the legal cannabis industry that reports having met all go-live deadlines for its government-contracted traceability solutions.

“Cannabis traceability systems play a vital role in helping legal cannabis programs to reach a fully operational status because, without them, businesses and consumers are unable to guarantee product safety and quality, ultimately creating issues for the community and patients,” the press release notes.

“We are very pleased with the BioTrackTHC solution and thank the team for their commitment in launching our state’s system in a timely fashion,” says Jason Wahl, director of North Dakota’s Division of Medical Marijuana.

“As legal cannabis programs take shape, implementing sound and proven cannabis tracking technology, on time and on budget, with the required functionality and security, is essential to ensuring patient safety and allowing the industry to operate effectively,” adds Zachary Venegas, executive chairman and CEO of Helix TCS.

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