Vie. Ago 12th, 2022

Strainprint Technologies Ltd. has announced its subscribers now include Lyte Clinic, a medical cannabis telehealth clinic, that is seeking to enhance understanding among clinic patients, educators and physicians.

“Leveraging Strainprint’s highly intuitive, real-time data and analytics aligns with our commitment to using top-notch technology to provide our patients with optimal treatment guidance and a highly efficient and convenient user experience,” Ali Mohamad, president and CEO of Lyte Clinic, says in a press release from Strainprint, a Toronto-based, demand-side cannabis data and analytics company.

A virtual cannabis clinic able to see patients across nine provinces, “Lyte educates patients about medical cannabis and how to access it safely in Canada, helping patients acquire their medical cannabis authorization and gain access to licensed producers as a same-day service,” it explains.

As part of the subscription, a Lyte-branded version of the Strainprint’s mobile app will be available for free (accessible through an activation code) to clinic members so they can track treatment sessions in real time to help achieve the best results for symptoms. The app also includes loyalty tools that will help drive engagement through redeemable discounts on merchandise, the press release adds.

Lyte further gains access to the Strainprint Analytics web platform—which has more than 1.1 million anonymized, patient-reported medical cannabis outcomes and 50 million-plus data points on strain efficacy—to monitor patient performance and offer better treatment experience.

“We’re looking forward to working with Lyte to serve their physicians and thousands of patients. We share the same philosophy and passion for improving lives through the education and fact-based treatment,” says Strainprint CEO Andrew Muroff.

The Strainprint app is free to patients and can be downloaded from both the iOS App store and GooglePlay store.

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