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The National Cannabis Survey, undertaken every quarter by Statistics Canada, has just released its findings from the last quarter of 2018. Comprising of results collected between mid-November and mid-December, it is the first to cover the earliest months of legalization in the country, writes Brandon Hicks.

So, what has changed? Not much, it seems. Many of the numbers have remained the same since the survey from last quarter, putting to rest any residual fears that legalization would lead to a huge spike in usage.

There are, however, a few notable findings in the survey, which we have gathered below.

The Rate of Consumption Has Not Significantly Increased Since Legalization

According to the survey, the rate of consumption has remained relatively unchanged when compared with the last quarter. The rates remain somewhat higher among males than among females, and much higher among those aged 18-24 than any other age group, findings that are consistent with previous studies.

Three in Ten Canadians are Cannabis Quitters

The survey showed that while 55% of people over the age of 15 had never consumed cannabis, three in ten Canadians report that they had used it in the past, but no longer indulged in it.

Similarly, in Civilized’s own Cannabis Poll, taken in 2018, we reported that 40 percent of Canadian non-consumers have tried cannabis at least once, further confirming that a significant portion of non-users are willing to at least give it a go.

Medical Users Are More Likely to Use Methods Other Than Smoking

Although smoking is by far the most popular method for consuming cannabis among non-medical users (at 83 percent), medical users with documentation report that only 37 percent choose to smoke the substance, opting instead to use topicals or edibles.

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