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There has truly been a shift toward pro-cannabis thinking across the nation recently and this has fueled scientific research into the medical applications of marijuana. This combined with cannabis legalization in 30 states has given us usable information from clinical trials, FDA approved CBD medications, and science-based evidence. Now physicians from across America have become certified to recommend medical marijuana to qualified patients, for many conditions. Over-time cannabis-based treatment plans have evolved and become more effective and beneficial. Not only does cannabis have an array of medical applications, it has proven to be non-addictive, and comes with no negative side-effects.

So, let’s see how medical marijuana is advancing patients care, in the sunshine state today.

Medical Marijuana for Opioid Addiction

For the past decade the United States has been undergoing a prescription pill, and opioid epidemic, that claims 300 lives per week these days. To this day there are an estimated 2 Million people suffering from opioid addiction which ranges from prescription pills like, morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and heroin.

Until recently the only medications available for opioid addiction are, opioid-derived like Suboxone and newly approved by the FDA Lucemyra. But now patient have a choice and can supplement traditional medications with marijuana and eventually ween completely off any Opioid derived medicines whatsoever. Of course cannabis reform is desperately needed nationwide, as only approved patients in states where marijuana is legal, can take advantage of this new advancement in opioid addiction care.

Transforming Opioid Addiction Care in Florida

Florida was hit especially hard by prescription pill abuse, due to greedy doctors willing to write tens of thousands of opioid pills prescriptions, to unqualified patients. The addiction rate steadily grew in Florida until it reached a breaking point in 2013 and the feds cracked down. Then in 2018, new legislation regulating the amount of pills any doctor can prescribe at anytime was reduced. Unfortunately, both actions produced negative results, by forcing prescription pill addicts to continue chasing their high, using heroin.

Finally, in November 2017 Florida legalized medical marijuana for many conditions. Some progressive physicians have utilized this to help addicts get through withdrawals and maintain their sobriety. In fact, a group of board-certified medical marijuana doctors in Jacksonville, Florida are providing cannabis treatments, to opioid addicts with measurable success. The patients are required to take an opioid screening each month to determine if they have been clean.

The process starts by using a traditional opioid medication and then supplementing high THC and CBD medications, progressively, to deal with the withdrawals. Patients are known to experience terrible symptoms like diarrhea, sickness, vomiting, shakes, flue like symptoms, and more. The leading cause for relapse is the withdrawal and the main thing is dealing with them upfront and overwhelmingly. However, within one week the patients are transitioned completely off Suboxone and take only medical marijuana. The cannabis treatments can last indefinitely since there is no risk for addiction, and very little health risk associated with consuming marijuana as medicine. Although most patients that have suffered from addiction want the psychoactive effects from THC, we also recommend they take CBD oil

as well. The scientific data collected from recent studies shows that CBD has many health benefits, especially to addicts. It helps regulate systems and cells throughout the body via the endocannabinoid system. Patients report that regular CBD doses helps them maintain a more regulated emotional state
and decreased depression and anxiety, which can all trigger relapse. The CBD oil Florida dispensaries sell to approved patients, is regulated by a physician, and designed around your specific healthcare needs.

More Marijuana Related Applications on the Horizon

With so many positive results coming from places like Florida with legalized medical marijuana the studies will continue to find more advancements in patient care. Many doctors and neurologists, that specialize in alternative treatments for Epilepsy, are using recently approved medications like Epidiolex to control seizures. Phycologists have found that cannabis helps reduce anxiety and depression, and can be a viable alternative to traditional, more addictive medications. Pain management doctors are using cannabis for their long-term pain patients, who are desperate for a non-addictive alternative to opioids.


The general shift in marijuana thinking and legislation in this country recently is allowing feral dollars to pay for more scientific research about marijuana as medicine. Studies by leading universities, the FDA, NIH and other trusted institutions are set for 2019. With all the new medical applications for marijuana being found, it’s no wonder the industry is poised to reach 22 Billion, nation-wide, by 2020.

One thing is obvious patients are significantly benefiting from using cannabis, for an array of conditions. Doctors like recommending marijuana as medicine, because it provides the relief people need, without the negative health risks, and addictive characteristics of some traditional medicines.

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