Mié. Ago 10th, 2022

Jandry is hopeful that changes are on the horizon, especially in California, with the passage of Assembly Bill 2215, which was signed by Governor Brown in September and takes effect after the first of the year.

“I hope that we will be able to move legislation forward more quickly so that needed studies can allow us to help our patients,” Dr. Jandry wrote in a recent email. Currently, veterinarians in California are prohibited from discussing the topic, including with their clients, but, after Jan. 1, the bill will allow them to address both cannabis and CBD with those with whom they have an established doctor-client relationship.

In the meantime, information about the benefits of CBDs for pets are anecdotal.

Shawna Alapa’i, who lives in Marin County and is a five-time hospice mom for Muttville, a San Francisco-based rescue operation for elderly dogs, was walking her latest charge, Mabel, to Pet Food Express for a bath when the dog collapsed in the parking lot, losing control of her bladder and crumpling to the ground. With help, she got Mabel to a plant bed, where she fell again and lost control of her bowels.

Once inside Mabel collapsed onto the cool concrete floor. When Alapa’i could not rouse her, she asked a member of the staff to get a bottle of Pet Releaf CBD oil and slipped two droppersful into Mabel’s mouth. Nearly instantly, Mabel came to and recognized both her human and her companion dog, Nani. Within five minutes, she was able to walk back to the car.

Since the incident, Mabel has gotten two doses a day and has not suffered another episode. Alapa’i withheld a morning dose to see what might happen and by the middle of the day, Mabel began to falter and so her twice-daily medication continues.

In her work with dogs entering the final phase of their lives, Alapa’i has found CBD to be helpful with anxiety, osteoarthritis, dementia and general pain.

Kathy Anderson, manager of Cultivate Home in Sebastopol, found a CBD product so helpful in easing joint pain in her elderly dog Max that she plans to carry the oil in the store.

Odessa Gunn, who lives in Forestville and has been an animal rights activist for twenty years, uses CBD tincture to ease arthritic pain in her 9-year-old pot-bellied pig, Irvy McPigglesworth.

She first learned of the effectiveness of CBD in humans and before long heard testaments from pet owners about how well it works.

“I was skeptical,” she said recently, adding that she was truly shocked at how effective CBD is for pets.

“I believe in pharmaceuticals. CBD does not replace medicine but it can be very helpful for a range of difficulties, including, possibly, seizures.”

“I find it particularly helpful for anxiety, such as the anxiety some dogs feel when riding in a car,” she explained. Like humans, Gunn emphasizes, all animals should be treated individually. What works to relieve pain in one cat, for example, may have no impact at all on another. And there can be inconsistencies in the products themselves, and in correct dosages, so any pet owners considering CBDs for their pet should arm themselves with information, talk to their veterinarians (after Jan. 1) and proceed with caution.

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